All teams are consistently monitored and assessed

Audits are carried out on a monthly basis to ensure the quality of work is carried out to the highest of standards, and this includes checklists, scorings, photographs, and all other relevant paperwork. The audits also ensure that all our operatives’ Authorisations are up to date and tracked on our internal management system.

All of our teams are consistently assessed to ensure risk assessments are carried out, procedures are being followed and that any training requirements are met and fulfilled.

IQA also carries out ‘in progress’ Quality of Works audits. For longer term, multi-story flat projects, this involves a 3-stage audit process: containment stage, wiring stage and flat access stage. This allows for any required improvements to be identified, reported and rectified, which is necessary before the project can be ‘shutdown’ and ‘signed off’.

Samples of each stage across the entire project will be audited and, once the project is deemed ‘complete’, IQA will carry out a full complete audit. Should any non-conformances be identified, IQA Group requests ‘verifications’ and all non-conformances are revisited and checked prior to sign off.

IQA Group expects the very best from our people and quality of work - we place great importance on everything from quality, duty of care and health and safety to compliance and full audit trails.

With each and every project we work on, IQA is committed to the quality of our work and providing safe environments for employees, partners and the general public

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