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IQA employee gets on his bike for Malawi

1 March 2012

The wait is over for one lucky IQA employee. The week commencing 6th February saw the interviews of our final candidates for their place on the Malawi Bike Ride 2012 and the nerves were starting to set in. Being put through their paces at the panel-style interview, candidates were asked what motivated them to apply, what their plans are for fundraising and how they are going to tackle the difficult fitness challenge.

Having successfully wowed the judges, well deserved congratulations go to Martin McGiff, who will represent IQA on the 2012 Malawi Bike Ride. Martin, Electrician from our Armadale base, has been with IQA since August 2011 and is looking forward to the challenge ahead.

As corporate sponsors of Link Community Development, IQA is proud to sponsor a member of staff to participate in the bike ride this year. The money raised from the Malawi Bike Ride helps improve access to quality education in Malawi. One of the key issues they face is the high pupil to teacher ratio which sees, on average, 100 pupils per teacher. The situation is much worse in rural areas whereby the teachers manage up to 250 pupils in one class. Link Community Development work tirelessly with all levels of the education system – with parents, communities, teachers, head teachers, district authorities and national government – to identify and remove the obstacles to quality education. 

The work they do in Malawi (and other African countries) cannot be underestimated and this is why IQA is determined to show their support.

Congratulations again to Martin, and good luck with the training!


For more information on the great work carried out by Link, visit their website:

Link Community Development