Extinguishing fires? All part of a day's work!

6 March 2013

Fire Training with Code Red

Under the “Fire Scotland Act 2005” companies are required to train their employees on fire safety, giving them the tools to protect people at work.

On Monday 4th March, IQA took part in Code Red’s Fire Training in Glasgow, with a particular focus on the role of the Fire Warden. This refresher course covered:

•    Current UK legislation and its effect of fire safety in premises
•    Spotting hazards and protecting against fire
•    Fire warden role and responsibilities
•    Selecting and using the correct fire extinguisher
•    What to do in the event of a fire
•    When and how to safely evacuate your building

IQA’s dedicated Fire Wardens attended the full day course where they took part in theoretical and practical training. Extinguishing fires in the hotel car park, it was a full hands-on experience and our team are now fully empowered to take the appropriate action, should the situation ever occur.

The latest fire warden training video from Code Red can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LiCJ28KRhw

With each and every project we work on, IQA is committed to the quality of our work and providing safe environments for employees, partners and the general public