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IQA and Elecnor Group have substantial experience in rail infrastructure

The maintenance and engineering work of Britain’s railway network is essential to keep the country moving. Over the last 3 years or so, Network Rail has replaced and upgraded much of the infrastructure, significantly improving the safety and reliability of today’s railway system.

IQA and Elecnor Group have substantial experience in rail infrastructure projects with the capability to build and connect substations, provide SAPs and work at voltages up to 33kV.

Our skills, experience and capability lie in the power and electrification of overhead lines, including the installation of new lines, new connections, maintenance of the overall infrastructure and power distribution.

IQA’s services include:
•  Electrical engineering
•  Signalling and controlled systems
•  Telecommunications systems
•  Power systems including overhead line and electrification
•  Civil and structural engineering
•  Substation installation and maintenance
•  Property management
•  Professional services

With our teams of qualified and experienced linesmen, cable jointers and electricians, our expertise ensures the highest quality and standard of service is delivered to each of our clients. IQA works in close partnership with clients across all industries, ensuring long-term strategic relationships.

Offering a comprehensive range of overhead line systems

High Voltage services for electrical power distribution and transmission