Cable Jointing

IQA currently provides LV and HV cable jointing services to Network Providers on a wide range of projects

LV Cable Jointing

IQA currently provides cable jointing services to Network Providers on a wide range of projects including the replacement of old metal clad and PVC cable heads, along with a variety of new installations. Our skilled professionals connect new supplies to street lighting, street furniture and other buildings.

Our experienced team of authorised cable jointers can carry out any type of low voltage work such as service joints, mains straight joints, breaches joints etc on any size of cable. This work can be carried out on new or isolated cables, or “live” in line with the specific authorisation and safety requirements of each Network Provider. We also provide a wealth of experience when working with and renewing every type of cable head.

As a rule, cable heads are changed “not live” but can be done “live” under the limitation of the jointers’ authorisations. Alternatively, IQA jointing teams proceed to ‘dig and cut’, excavating the cable using  C.A.T & Genny. Our own digging teams locate, dig and expose the cables in preparation for our jointing teams to begin works.

Our teams of jointers are qualified and authorised to work on PILC and Waveform cables. These cables vary in size and can be up to 300mm cross sectional area.

IQA jointers take the opportunity to renew cabling and replace old style PILC cabling wherever possible. IQA has 5 operational teams and, last year, we carried out over 1500 service cut out changes.

In conjunction with our values of continuous improvement and quality, IQA is looking to increase the team further by carrying out in-house training to bring some of our existing electricians up to LV Service Jointer level. We currently have 10 fully authorised electricians who are undergoing training and this number is set to increase as the business continues to grow.


Authorised to work on HV systems up to and including 33kV

IQA works closely with employees to offer coaching, training and ongoing development