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Training & Development

IQA works closely with employees to offer coaching, training and ongoing development

Whether training takes place at our clients’ premises or within our in-house training facility, IQA Group constantly monitors and assesses the competency of our operatives at regular intervals. IQA works closely with each operative to offer individual personalised coaching and training, ensuring that each member of staff receives the development they require.

IQA Group also works closely with apprentices and adult trainees. We work in close partnership with internal operations and external college teams to ensure we monitor and review progress throughout their learning. We monitor apprentices and trainees on a monthly basis via line manager feedback and also ensure we provide practical experience and working related to their college course. IQA also receives quarterly reports from college lecturers and training officers.

Regardless of their trade, all operatives will spend 4.5 days in training in order to ensure they fully understand and are fully compliant with our clients’ safety rules and procedures.  We cover all topics relating to safe systems in work including health and safety, quality, duty of care, standards etc.

We have in-house assessments for our Authorised operatives, whereby we carry our refresher training on a regular basis ensuring compliance at all times. Assessments take many forms including written exams, practical testing and test inspections.

IQA also carries out additional training to fulfil any business requirement or client need and we will offer courses either externally or at our in-house facility.

For more information, contact a member of the team on 0845 433 5256.

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