Integrated Management System


Integrated Management System

Elecnor aims to ensure its environmental, quality, occupational risk prevention, energy management and R&D and innovation management policies are of the highest order. These five pillars form the foundations of the Integrated Management System, each with theirs own objectives and strategies, but also with a common goal: the continuous improvement of the organisation.

This Integrated Management System is configured in accordance with three main criteria:

  • The precise knowledge of the nature and magnitude of the environmental impact, customer requirements and the occupational risks inherent in Elecnor’s activities and products.
  • Strict compliance with current applicable legislation and other requirements to which Elecnor subscribes in any market in which it operates.
  • The improvement of our competitiveness thanks to R&D&I enables us to add value and make Elecnor stand out from its competition.

Based on these common goals, the Integrated Management System establishes commitments and specific lines of action per area.