Internal mains


Internal mains

IQA has extensive experience working on Internal mains projects.

Ranging from data capture research, in order to determine, measure and prioritise high risk assets, to full repairs and new network cabling installations.

One of our clients, Scottish Power, engaged with IQA to carry out a ‘condition survey’ of their LV network assets (internal mains cabling) within the many multi-occupied buildings on their network, which included semi-detached properties, tenements, cottage flats and multi-storey blocks. 

IQA also works closely with individual local housing authorities, through their home improvement programmes, to replace old or install new isolator switches. This enables domestic electricians to isolate the supply and work safely, without any interference to the network.

IQA’s collective experience with Internal mains extends 30 years and, over the last few years, IQA has carried out in excess of 10,000 modernisations to low and high rise properties. Our experience in internal mains work is second to none, with the company evolving in line with the ever changing legislation and client specifications.

IQA is proud to lead the way in performance, output and quality.