Utility network


Utility network

Utility network design

Our experienced design and build teams have substantial individual and combined experience across the utility and construction sector. Together they take new development plans and design and build value engineered solutions that are cost effective and efficient. Not only that, they also manage the entire end-to-end multi utility process with all third parties, ensuring everything from network design approval through to legal requirements are managed effectively.

As part of our design and build process, our engineers can communicate off-site work back to POCs that are off site. When it comes to excavation, we can also implement full reinstatement and traffic management works that are required for a project.

Once IQA have received the go ahead to work with you on your development, our project management teams will take ownership and guide the project through the various milestones, ensuring effective completion and a commitment to exceeding all expectation, as IQA always put our clients at the heart of what we do.

Network build and install

Complementary to our primary design expertise, IQA build programmes begin with organising the diversion of any existing infrastructures and conducting off-site works to facilitate the new connections.

IQA prides ourself on our employees, who we employ directly, from project managers, on-site operatives and designers as well as administrative support staff, to ensure complete control of project resources, resulting in an unrivalled delivery of customer service and an exemplary track record.

We provide thorough, specific and continuous training of our teams giving you the confidence of dealing with a fully accredited organisation which include:

  • National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS)
  • Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS)
  • Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS)

As is to be expected from a large, leading multi utility connections enterprise, health, safety and quality is one of our main priorities, particularly when it comes to building our multi utility networks. This results in robust infrastructures created to industry standards, and a smooth transition of the transfer of electricity, water and gas networks to the associated providers.