Optical fibre


Optical fibre

IQA offers a wide variety of optical fibre cabling systems.

As part of our multi-utility service offering, IQA’s specialist professionals perform installation, termination and testing of a wide variety of networking infrastructure, including copper and optical fibre cabling systems.

Using the latest techniques and equipment, our teams can install blown fibre, which involves using compressed air to blow fibres into pre-installed tubes without the need for splicing. Blown fibre allows customers flexibility by allowing rapid installation, replacement and additional solutions.

IQA also provides splicing and termination services as part of a wider project or as a standalone service.

Network diagnosis and fault finding is conducted using the latest optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) equipment and ensures clients that IQA installations perform to the highest standards.

Together with Elecnor’s 40+ years of experience, IQA has the skills and knowledge to provide solutions for telecommunications, rail and renewable industries.