Legal information

This legal notice regulates the access and use of all the content and information included in or accessible on the website, which is the property of IQA Group. Anyone using the website is considered a USER. Using the website and any services provided by it implies your unreserved acceptance as a USER of all of the general conditions herein as well as the particular conditions that may be applicable.

I. General Terms and Conditions of access to and use of the web page

Access and Users

Anyone who accesses the website is considered a USER, and by doing so they express their full unreserved acceptance all of the CONDITIONS OF USE.

The services on the website are provided free of charge. Nonetheless, IQA Group reserves the right to restrict access to some services to USERS who have registered by completing the User Registration Form, which is available to anyone wishing to register as a REGISTERED USER.

When the USER is required to register as a REGISTERED USER or provide personal information to access certain services, the personal data collection and handling policy will be applied.


In order to enhance the features of the website, IQA Group reserves the right to modify, expand or temporarily cancel the presentation, configuration, technical specifications, content or services of the website at any time on its own accord and without prior notice to its USERS.

Likewise, it reserves the right to modify the conditions of use and any other particular conditions contained in the website at any time.

Conditions of Use

The USER promises to make proper use of the content of and never use it for illicit activities or any purpose contrary to the public good, national defence or public health.

The USER is expressly authorised to view all the information contained on the website and make private copies of it on their computers under the condition that the content copied is for personal use only and is never transferred to third parties.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property rights of the websites, including the graphic design and source code as well as any trade names, brands and distinctive signs, are the property of IQA Group except when ownership by another party is otherwise indicated on the websites.

Any reproduction, distribution, sales or modification of the content that has not been expressly authorised by its owners constitutes a violation of intellectual property rights protected under law.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability

The USER is fully and exclusively responsible for how they use and access the websites.

IQA Group is not liable for the accuracy, truthfulness and validity of any information that it has not generated itself and whose content comes from third party sources not belonging to it. In those regards, IQA Group is only liable for its own services and content directly originating from it and which is identified by its copyright as a brand or the intellectual property of IQA Group.

II. Personal Data security and protection

Personal Data Protection

IQA Group notifies users of the website that Grupo Elecnor companies abide by the applicable laws regarding the protection of personal data, the privacy of its users and the secrecy and security of personal information in accordance with Spanish Law 15/1999 for the Protection of Personal Data and Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December (by which the regulations for implementing Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 for the Protection of Personal Data are established), and has implemented the necessary technical and organisational measures to avoid loss, misuse, unauthorised access or theft of any personal information provided, taking into account the status of the technology, the nature of the information and the risks it is exposed to.

Specifically, IQA Group notifies users of the website that their personal data can only be obtained for handling when it is adequate, appropriate and proportional in the context and for the explicit, specific and legitimate purposes for which it has been obtained. Information will be deleted when it is no longer necessary or relevant for the above mentioned purposes or upon request when its owner wishes to exercise his or her right to have their data deleted.

When personal data is collected through, the USER receives prior notification in a clear and unambiguous way of the following:

  • The existence of a file or handling personal information, the purpose it was collected for and the recipients of the information.
  • That the file is registered with the Data Protection Agency.
  • Whether or not responding to the questions that may be asked is obligatory or optional and the consequences entailed by obtaining the information or not providing it.
  • The option to exercise the right to access, rectify, delete or object at the email address
  • The identity and address of the person in charge of handling the data.

The USER is solely liable for any false, inexact, incomplete or outdated information provided in completing the forms.